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We all know what they say about opinions and this will be the place to catch mine. I will tell everyone upfront, I am a member of two of the most annoying fan bases out there: UNC and The Dallas Cowboys. I enjoy almost all major sports, especially golfing (let me know if you want to tee it up sometime) and may throw some course reviews in here. I will give my point of view on things going on in the world of sports and please let me know what you like and dislike. Feel free to contact me at anytime.


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ACC Football: This is why we expanded ??

Sep 9

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9/9/2009 11:22 PM  RssIcon


This is a question to ACC Commissioner John Swofford: Is this what you envisioned for football when you expanded the ACC? Many thought that basketball would be the sport that suffered the most, but football has been under performing, to say the least. NC State losing to South Carolina and Virginia Tech losing to Alabama were not good for the conference, but both games were competitive throughout. However, Duke losing to Richmond (2 times in 4 years) and Virginia losing to William & Mary, both at HOME, are unacceptable on every level. Duke was held to 19 yards what they did for the conference. The ACC was 5-7 in week one and three of those wins were against 1-AA (or whatever they are being called now) schools. Wake Forest lost to a lower-to-mid-tier Big 12 school at home in Baylor. I am not sure what else needs to be said about week one other than embarrassing.
Before we all crush the ACC, several teams will have an opportunity to redeem things for the conference throughout the season. Oklahoma will travel to Miami in October, Florida State will travel to BYU, Clemson will host TCU, and NC State will host Pittsburg, all in September. The ACC needs strong performances in all of these contests to help with its image. Lose 3 of the 4, and all hell could break loose. People are already questioning the Big East’s representation in the BCS and if the trends here continue status quo, the ACC will not be far behind. The Mountain West Conference is getting better by the day and may be looking and taking one or both spots for their deserving teams.
So, now knowing the problem, how do they correct it? You need each school to prove they want great football by investing in their respective programs. Upgrading facilities, getting better coaches and assistants, all will lead to better players coming in. It is not going to be an overnight change, but I think there is a lot of room for growth here in the conference. Also, schedule better. No one wants to see the Citadel-UNC game, and I am a Tarheel fan! If Duke or Virginia had lost to say a Big 12, SEC, or even Pac-10 school, at least they are a BCS school. Much like pre-season NFL football, schools charge full price for these games. If you want fans to fill stadiums, give them games they want to see. USC and Pete Carroll have a great philosophy of anyone anytime. More coaches need to take that approach. Do these things, and the programs should begin to turn, maybe slower than many would like, but anything is better than what was put out on the field at many stadiums last weekend. Television contracts are up very soon and if changes are not made sooner versus later, many schools and athletic directors may find out the demand is not what they think it is for their footbll product!!
Other Thoughts from the week
·         College football picks Last week 3-2 Season 3-2.                                                                                                            This week’s games
o       @ Georgia Tech -5 vs. Clemson
o       @ Michigan   +3 vs. Notre Dame
o       USC -6.5 vs. @ Ohio State.
o       South Carolina +7 vs. @ Georgia.
o       @ Tennessee -10 vs. UCLA.                                                                                                                                                                              
·         Pro Football Picks                                                                                                                                                                        This Week’s Games
o       Titans +6 @ Steelers
o       Eagles -1.5 @ Panthers
o       Cowboys -6 @ Bucs
o       @ Packers -3.5 vs. Bears
o       @ Giants -6.5 vs. Redskins
·         I wonder if ABC realizes how much money they are costing themselves Saturday night with the simultaneous programming at 8 PM. ESPN will have USC-Ohio State, ESPN2 will have South Carolina-Georgia, and ABC will have the Richmond race for the Chase. I understand wanting to maximize eyes, but I need three TV’s in my viewing area Saturday to ensure I don’t miss anything…..hmmmmmmmmmmmm....I have an idea!!!!


From Coggins Noggin

From Coggins Noggin

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