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We all know what they say about opinions and this will be the place to catch mine. I will tell everyone upfront, I am a member of two of the most annoying fan bases out there: UNC and The Dallas Cowboys. I enjoy almost all major sports, especially golfing (let me know if you want to tee it up sometime) and may throw some course reviews in here. I will give my point of view on things going on in the world of sports and please let me know what you like and dislike. Feel free to contact me at anytime.


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Apr 12

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The Kentucky Wildcats are the 2012 NCAA Basketball Champions. Kentucky was the best team this season and proved it by cutting down the nets in New Orleans. There is talk that five members of the team could be first round draft picks. Anthony Davis is projected to go overall #1 and hopefully to many Bobcats fans, will end up in Charlotte. Davis is going to be a 2-3 year project, as he is going to have to learn how to be physical and play against guys much bigger and stronger than he faced at Kentucky. I think his teammate, Michael Kidd-Gilchrest is going to be a better pro, but the Bobcats need a big man and Davis might be that guy. Both of these guys only played one year of college ball so they should continue to get bigger and better, hopefully teams can be patient with them.
Dwayne Wade made a comment Wednesday that he felt like guys in the Olympics should be compensated for playing over the summer as it takes up a lot of time. On Thursday, he retracted and said he did not want to be paid to play in the Olympics. The 24 hours between statement and retraction allowed for a lot of discussion on this matter. My first thought was I guess he needs to be compensated so that he can feed his family (remember Sprewell during the last NBA lockout?). I understand that this is an extremely time consuming matter, but where is the honor in playing for one’s country? How about these guys actually play for the name on the front of the jersey versus seemingly always playing for the name on the back! These guys don’t stay in the Olympic Village with the other athletes. The next question is who would be the one compensating these guys? What happens when the (name the sport here) team also wants to get paid? There is a disconnect with a lot of professional athletes and society today and comments like these don’t make things any better.
Bubba Watson is the 2012 Masters Champion. There are many things that I like about this win. The first is another left-handed player won a Major. This makes 5 of the last ten Green jackets have gone to lefties. The second and most important is his openness. Watson was willing to discuss anything from his personal life to professional career. Watson was completely open and his raw emotion was something refreshing to see, especially when I see in other sports (see my previous paragraph.) Also, seeing Watson’s close friends on the 10th green after his win, showed how much his friends really care about him and reminded me of a scene from the European Team at the Ryder Cup. All of this is from a guy that has never taken a golf lesson in his life. Aguy that says his options for the Champions dinner next year are (in no particular order) Lexington BBQ, Waffle House, and In-and-Out Burger. Seeing this guy, who also drives around in the Original General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard, do well, win, and make the talk show circuit cracking jokes, makes this guy happy that Bubba is a champion. 
Bobby Petrino….what else do I need to say? I am pretty sure he said everything he wanted to in his text messages. I guess we now know where to line is for SEC schools. Petrino made over 4300 texts and 300 calls since September to Jessica Dorrell.  In a six month period, that is almost 24 text messages a day.
Anyone wanting to read some vintage Steve Spurrier quotes, they need to read this blog from Chris Low at
His thoughts on the Georgia-South Carolina game moving from the second week of the season to the sixth week in 2012.
“I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”                                    You have to love the subtle shots he gets in!!   
Someone said the NHL playoffs started tonight……..anyone confirm that?
Baseball season had I think 8 opening days this year, all over the world. No wonder baseball is no longer considered America’s pastime by many of my generation.


From Coggins Noggin

From Coggins Noggin

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